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For me, it is about time-freedom. The ability to control my own schedule, and not to be so reliant upon income from a job. For you maybe it is just about growing that nest egg without having to worry about sustaining it. Just having that peace of mind knowing that it will never run out.

always recommend we have a conversation, for one to see that I am real, and two to see if it is a good fit, and how we can make it happen. I think you will see how you can build something solid.



Rick Martin has been investing in real estate since 1997. He is the founder of Fortress Federation Investments LLC, which focuses on B-Class and above, value-add apartment communities based in the Sunbelt states, where the economic fundamentals support a long-term need for affordable housing. Fortress Federation is currently a General Partner in 3100 units across 17 syndications.


They align with experienced operators in fundamentally sound markets to create the very best partnerships with their investors.


Rick is also a limited partner across multiple syndications giving him insight into what passive investing can be as he has invested in 2500 units as a limited partner. He currently lives in Redondo Beach, California with his wife and two boys.


Are you ready to escape the "Rat Race," and have the freedom to control your own schedule?

Start learning about investments, by signing up for the Fortress Federation Investor Club today.

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